On My Bookshelf: Erin Gates

By: Sarah Gordon

This week we're thrilled to be bringing back one of our favorite blog series, "On My Bookshelf." Join us as we chat with interior designer and blogger Erin Gates (you must read Elements of Style if you don't already...) about her literary loves. Be on the lookout for Erin's own book coming out in fall 2014!

I'm currently reading... The Good House by Ann Leary

My favorite childhood book was... James and the Giant Peach or anything Ramona!

I'm eager to read... Anything else that Tina Fey writes. I absolutely loved Bossypants.

The book that I'll never part with is... A Dr. Suess book my mother in law gave me that has scribbles in it done by my husband as a baby!

A book that changed my life... Sounds cliché but Eat, Pray, Love. It made me want to be a writer and every time I read it a get something different out of it. It makes me feel a little less insane.

My favorite book to give as a gift... Will be my own when it comes out fall 2014! Shameless plug!

A fictional character I admire... Amir from The Kite Runner. That book gutted me.

On my coffee table I have... Celerie Kemble's Black & White, the Domino BookVogue Living, and Nate Berkus' new book.

I organize my bookshelves according to... Size, and sometimes color!

My favorite bookshop is... The Kindle store because when I finish reading a book in the middle of the night I can buy a new one! Also, I went to this amazing old book store recently in Asheville, NC called Battery Park Book Exchange that was part vintage book store, part cafe and part wine bar.  Plus it looked like an old library. It was so cool! 

I love to read because... It is one of the only ways I can escape truly. From work, my computer, life -- everything.