On My Bookshelf: Anna Bond

By: Sarah Gordon


Rifle Paper Co. founder Anna Bond is a Matchbook girl with a serious passion for paper. Based in Winter Park, Florida, the booming stationery and gift brand introduces countless products each year (all of which they proudly print in the USA). As Creative Director, Anna is always on the hunt for inspiration and one of her favorite places to look is her bookshelf. Read on to discover the literary treasures near and dear to Anna's heart.

I'm currently reading... Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren 

My favorite childhood book was.... Corduroy by Don Freeman

I'm eager to read... Interaction of Color by Josef Albers 

The book that I'll never part with is... My mom's childhood Bible.  

A book that changed my life... The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

My favorite book to give as a gift... Something funny like any one of David Sedaris' books. 

A fictional character I admire... Jane Eyre.

On my coffee table I have... vintage design books, Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, and Roman and Williams: Things We Made

I organize my bookshelves according to... what I'm reading and referencing. I love a haphazard looking bookshelf that comes across as well-loved. 

My favorite bookshop is... pretty much any small used bookshop. The dustier the better.

I love to read because... there's a book for everything -- to learn, laugh, be inspired, or be challenged!