Carmel Snow and Coco Chanel

By: Fallon Hogerty

Talk about a meeting of the minds! Call me nosy, but I’d just about give my right arm to know the circumstances which brought legendary Harper’s Bazaar editor Carmel Snow and couture queen Coco Chanel together for an intimate chat. Though I could speculate all day long, what we’re really here to talk about are their whiplash-inducing jewels, chains and charms. How rad is that thick gold chain wrapped around Carmel’s wrist? And – maybe it’s me – but I can’t help but think of Blair Edie’s now-famous vintage faux pearl necklace when I look at Chanel’s earrings (long-lost sisters, perhaps?). Given that Matchbook is all about re-envisioning the past for today’s women, we thought it’d be fun to imagine what these industry titans would wear should the meeting take place today. From Forever 21 to Cartier, here’s what we dreamed up.  

(Photos by Walter Sanders for Life Magazine, December 1952)